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Our Culture

Our vision "A better world for pet lovers" requires great ideas, pure passion and the best minds in their field. Pets Deli stands for excellence not only in its product and customer experience, but also in its corporate culture. For us, culture is one of the main components of a thriving company. We support each other, value every opinion and stand for diversity, inclusion and equality. You are now invited to take a look behind the scenes and get to know us a little better. It would be a pleasure to start off the recruitment process with you soon.

Working Locations

At Pets Deli we offer the possibility to work in different sectors and locations: You can be based in our headquarter in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, our Warehouse in Ludwigsfelde or in any of our stores which are located around Berlin and Hamburg (soon more to come!).

The Headquarter

The Pets Deli Headquarter: This is our main hub based in the beautiful and vibrant district Prenzlauer Berg. With lots of Pets Delians and their doggos enjoying the office vibes you really can be looking forward to a fun, creative and welcoming working environment. Curious to check out our office? Click here to watch an awesome office tour with our lovely Office Manager Lucy

The Stores

Our stores are based around Berlin and Hamburg. They truly are a paradise for pet owners. If you want to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind you and dive into our beautiful boutique stores - Pets Deli is just the place for you. No matter if you need to quickly buy your pets favourite snacks, require feeding advice or simply browse for the next favourite pet toy - in our stores you get expert advice to all your needs. Our lovely store workers always ensure that the atmosphere inside our stores is relaxed and friendly. Happy shopping!

The Stores

The Warehouse

Our warehouse is where we make sure each parcel is packed with love and care. Our organised and passionate warehouse team ensures that all packages are being sent out in time. With our mission to make the world a better place for pet lovers, we know how important it is that deliveries are beautifully packed and a joy to receive for pets as well as their owners.

The Warehouse

The P&C team is one of the key drivers of Pets Deli's business success. Satisfied employees - excellent product. It's as "simple" as that, isn't it? ;-) In addition to ensuring all administrative work processes, maintaining a high-quality employer brand, ensuring all data protection regulations and recruiting the best talent, they also play a key essential role in the company's strategic development planning.

The Product Dev & Success team handles the management and coordination of all product development. This is where all the magic happens. They're basically our lab experts, as they're constantly testing and developing new products and improving existing ones to make sure our customers get only the best.

The finance team takes care of all financial matters at PetsDeli. They are basically our source of truth, back office and a huge asset. They ensure smooth and timely delivery of reports and tax documents to our stakeholders. Cash flow, financial statements, and payroll are also their specialty and they do it with a lot of passion.

The Operations team ensures the product availability and manages the order fulfilment in our own warehouse in the south of Berlin. Besides that the team is constantly working on supply chain and logistics strategies with the goal of ensuring the best delivery experience for our beloved customers around Europe.

The Customer Happiness Team takes care of the well-being of all our amazing customers who are the real voice of Pets Deli. The team strives to resolve complaints, takes important notes on what customers think, and supports them throughout the process. The CuHa team places a high priority on customer satisfaction and is the go-to person for any issues or questions that may arise.

The sales team takes care of meeting Pets Deli's sales goals. The team needs to have a versatile approach and be able to adapt to changes and shifts as we offer our products on different sales platforms such as our stores, website, etc. They are constantly moving full force from place to place to ensure that Pets Deli is always in the right place at the right time.

The marketing team is concerned with attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. They also want to use online ads to reach our target group of pet lovers who want to offer high-quality products to their pets.

The Product Tech team brings Pets Deli's vision to life by creating digital products that our customers love. From UX design to engineering, the Product Tech team is responsible for driving positive business outcomes through all things digital at Pets Deli.

The Brand and Campaign team are continuously working on increasing brand awareness amongst pet lovers whilst also making sure that our communication across all touchpoints adheres to our brand values. They also work closely with a large pool of influencers to spread the word about Pets Deli. Further they spend a lot of time coming up with fun and innovative marketing campaigns for existing and new customers.

The Business Development team takes care of evaluating and pursuing strategic growth opportunities for Pets Deli. Some of our key responsibilities are identifying and testing new markets, cultivating partnerships and analysing and optimising existing processes.

The creative team takes care of the outside image of Pets Deli, so basically what we want our customers to associate us with in terms of colors and designs. The team's main tasks include preparing videos, images and fonts to be able to recognize Pets Deli as we know it today.

The logistics team takes care of the packages that are sent to our customers, making sure that everything is shipped on time and that each package is packed with love and care.

The Marketing Intelligence & Technology team handles the creation and maintenance of reports and dashboards to enable our team to make data-driven decisions in their daily work. They are responsible for combining deep technical expertise with business understanding and insights to drive corrective action and decisions for everyone in the organization.

The Pets Deli Family is growing and we already have over 120 happy Pets Delians in our whole team. Hear from some of our team members what makes working at Pets Deli exciting and special.


To me, Pets Deli is a journey that I never regret to go on, because its culture lives in all Pets Delians. It brings out a positive working environment and productivity to the company. Also, it's always fun working with all the doggies in the office.


As a developer, opportunities to learn a wide range of technical skills is a must. It's a cherry on the top of a cake that I can work in a diverse mixture of culture, domains and skills cooperating together in a friendly atmosphere.


I love being at Pets Deli because I get to work with like minded and driven people for a company that clearly stands behind its values and that cares deeply about its employees, customers and of course their pets.


At Pets Deli I have the pleasure to be doing all the fun and exciting stuff. Feelgood management, office culture, event planning, providing a fun and creative working environment are all part of my amazing job!


Hi, my name is Balou and I believe to be the luckiest dog in the whole wide world! 🗺 You're probably wondering why - well, I would love to tell you: I get about a thousand cuddles a day and I get to play with my fellow office dog friends! Yes, my life is simply 🐾some 🙂


Hey, I am Emma. I have loved being a part of PetsDeli since the first day in the office, because I meet all my friends there and get a lot of healthy treats. My highlights are the walking rounds with my personal dog walker Nino.

Meet the CEO's

Hi, I am Tania! Since 2017 I am the CEO and founder of Pets Deli and I have been on a mission ever since: To create a better world for pet lovers. Over 20million dogs and cats in Germany suffer from allergies or obesity. I have a dog myself and I know very well how misleading adverts can have the effect that we are feeding our beloved pets low quality food compromising their health, happiness and well-being. Together with Jan, who joined Pets Deli in 2020, our philosophy is to make it easy for you to be the best pet mom or dad. We are creating tasty and healthy nutrition with fresh ingredients, individually developed, delicious recipes with real transparency on the label. Why do we do this? We both grew up surrounded by pets and we want to revolutionize the pet food industry in creating more sustainable and innovative solutions.

Pets Deli Jobs - CEO

Our Benefits

Employee Discounts

As part of the Pets Deli Family you and your friends get a great discount on all of our amazing products.

Corporate Benefits

We are part of the Corporate Benefits Group which provides various deals around fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Cultural Events

Experience our after work cocktail nights, take part in any of our big company events (summer party, Xmas party, BBQs and more) and enjoy our special team building exercises throughout the year.

Dog walking Service

Furry friends are family so we make sure they also have fun whilst you are doing your job. Let our professional dog walkers take them for exciting walks in the forest. All of this for free!

Pension Plan

We don't just care about our employees whilst working at Pets Deli but also about their future after Pets Deli and we care about your future and want to make sure you are well and happy! That's why we offer our employees the option to have a company pension plan.

Learning and Development

Benefit from our internal learning opportunities and professional career guidance. Together we make sure that you develop in the direction you want to go.

Our HQ Flex Model

It is your choice if you would like to work from home or from the office. Or up to 4 weeks you can even work almost anywhere in the world outside of Germany!

Hiring Process

We want to get to know YOU better and also give you the chance to get an all-embracing understanding of how we work at PetsDeli. Therefore, in addition to classic interviews, we also include case studies as part of our recruiting process. Have a look at the process example for a general management role:

  1. Initial interview - Who are you? What characterizes you and why do you want to be part of our team?
  2. Technical interview -Specific technical questions and deep dive into the position you are interested in.
  3. Case study -tailored case, which gives you and us a great impression of how the working relationship could look like and what your super powers are.
  4. Management interview -final interview with our managing directors. (don't worry, they don't bite 😉 )
  5. You made it! -We look forward to hopefully welcoming you in our team soon.

Open Positions

Click on the link below and take a look at our current openings. You may find something that suits you perfectly (and if not - happy to receive your initiative application).

Contact us!

Sebastian, our Head of People and Culture and his team are responsible for all culture, career and development related aspects.

Any Questions? Contact Us!

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